In todays world we are faced with many choices and choosing a Forex broker is no different. Weve been in the retail Forex business longer than most and we understand that individual traders have different needs and wants. Thats why we continue to evolve to ensure you can trade in a safe, informed and supported environment.

Forex Trading

Forex is an abbreviation of Foreign Exchange and it is the largest financial market in the world. The Forex market is the place where currencies are traded. In other words, it is the place where currencies are being sold and bought. In the Forex market all currencies are traded in real time.

Trading with currencies always means that there are two simultaneous transactions taking place. If a currency is being bought, it is also being sold. To better understand this notion, think of currencies as both the goods you are buying AND the method with which you're paying for the goods.

While Forex trading may sound daunting, it really isn't. It can be easily comprehended and understood without prior experience in finance or economy. It is challenging and exciting, thought provoking and manageable, stimulating and filled with opportunities.


Forex Service

Foreign Currency Travellers ChequesY

Travellers Cheques are a safe and easy way to protect your money when you travel.

Foreign Currency Demand Drafts

You can now avail of our FCY DD facility to make payments for various purposes.


Paanam offers you the remittance facilities by which you can to send and receive money to your loved ones

Foreign Currency Cash

Foreign Currency Cash is a convenient way of meeting personal expenses along your journey.

Foreign Currency Cheque Deposits

You can directly deposit your foreign currency cheques, Travellers Cheques etc.

Cash to Master

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